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Songwriter of the Quarter

Get to know fellow members each quarter as we highlight a writer! This quarter we are highlighting Marta!

Marta was born and raised in Guatemala (and moved about a year ago to Nashville). Her job is bilingual voice overs ( in case you’re curious) but maybe not to long from today she will be able to update this info and say “I’m a Professional Songwriter!”

1. Name a song you wish you wrote and why –

I don’t want to say I wish I’d written “Something To Be Proud Of” because to me, being part of the Academy of the songwriter of THAT song is something to be proud of… but I do hope one day I’ll write songs that can touch people’s heart like that song does. I’ll say “Late to the Party” by Kasey Musgraves because I love the soft and sweet vibe. I like how she lets the listener see the setting and the details, I enjoy how she is able to show how crazy in love she is with simple words. (And of course makes me feel better about being late lol!)

2. What is one of your biggest songwriting goals?

From the “writing” perspective, I want to be able to create songs that have an effect on people, whether its to nod their heads and smile or go back to an important memory; Songs that don’t go unnoticed. Songs that can reflect how much I love my husband, our daughter and everybody in our lives.
From the “business” side of things, I´d love to have my songs cut, English and Spanish, and be able to dedicate full time to music, write with artists and for projects.

3. What is your biggest take away from the Jeffrey Steele Academy?

Wow. I will never be able to thank Jeffrey enough. Ever since the first time I saw him (on TV, on an interview for CMT) he has been an inspiration on how you can really make your dreams come true if only you keep doing what you’re doing for one more day. He has shared about how different he was from what was being done and how much rejection he got before he started getting the ‘yes’ and that is a motivation that comforts me whenever I think nothing’s happening. All the tips, advice and useful information are invaluable and the amazing group of talented people who are now my friends and co-writers. All the stories, the laughs the tears, the place to expose your heart, your thoughts, your melodies. The reason why we packed up and moved from Guatemala to Tennessee… so many things. Thanks Jeffrey and Casey for being my “Dream Keepers”.

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Keep up the awesome work everyone and keep Thinking Like A Writer!

Jeffrey + Casey

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