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My song “Reasons” on abc’s Grand Hotel

Just keep writing and let the song go!

I just got an exciting email notifying that my song “Razones” will come out on the new show on abc “Grand Hotel” produced by Eva Longoria!

Still don’t know wether it will play for 5 seconds or a longer chunk, but it feels awesome to get these kinds of news, specially knowing that millions of songs are written every day and mine made the cut. 

One of the many things I’ve learned from my mentor, Country Music Hall-of-Famer is that you gotta keep doing what you do for one more day…and every new day is that day, because that may be the day something happens…you’ll never know if you quit. He also talks about writing and letting the song go, trying to focus on the next one and letting the previous ones find its course. 

Well I wrote Reasons a long while ago and today it sure gave me a fun surprise! Guatemalan producer Malin Villagrán did a great job, Thanks Malin!

So blessed to be a songwriter, 


Marta Albarracin, Bilingual Songwriter-


What I Didn't Get

                           Check out my song “What I didn’t Get” produced in Nashville by Sean Rogers. click here

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