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M&L: Marta Albarracin

When I was a kid I dreamt
About songs, stages, and fame
And I’d ask the Heavens to grant me
All those wishes I had

After school, everybody would gather up
Wanting to hear me and my guitar
Wanting to listen to the stories I had,
Every song was close to my heart

But then I met her
And fell in love
I replaced my hopes and wishes
It’s been the decision I’m most proud of
And I am

Thankful for what I didn’t get
For this destiny I’ll never regret
It’s not the life of a rich and famous
But I feel the most fortunate person

Sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like
If I’d gotten all I thought I could ever want
But that’s the only time when I feel empty
I look at her and I’m complete again
And then
I’m thankful for what I didn’t get

I told my father the other day
I’ve always wanted to follow your example
I’m sorry for failing
On being what you dreamt I’d be

He hugged me trying to hold the tears
Said: “son, I’m proud of all you’ve done
You’re a hard-working honest man,
You’ve built a family that’s full of love
I too had amazing dreams
But was handed a better plan:
Your mother beside me and a simple life
There’s nothing else I could ever want

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