Dear Dolly



I moved to Nashville with my husband (Alvaro) and our daughter (Priscilla) little over a year ago, and I see there is such a big opportunity to bring the community closer thru music. Many people who don’t speak English like the sounds of Country Music but can’t really engage all that much because of the fact that they miss out on the story being told, therefore, I’m starting to make Spanish versions to some of your songs. When my parents came to visit we took them to Dollywood and it was so much more meaningful to them as they not only loved your story but rejoiced when they saw your coat of many colors at the Chasing Rainbows museum!  Next time they come, I´ll have translated Heart Song, Apple Jack and hopefully all the songs one can enjoy throughout the park so that they love it even more! (I’m recording some work tapes for Jolene and 9 to 5)

“Music is one of many areas where Hispanic influence on the mainstream is evident,” Nielsen reports. “Latin music became mainstream music in 2017, when for the first time in modern history, the Billboard Hot 100 charts held a record for the number of predominantly Spanish-language songs — 19 to be exact. With collaborations between Latin artists and mainstream artists, music listeners were introduced to Latinx talent with danceable hits.”-Billboard (full article here)

Our community is very big and important here in our beloved USA, and  I want for my people to understand the beauty in each of your songs.

I hope I can contribute to bringing Country to Latin (and why not, a little Latin to Country…Many of my own songs are bilingual and dream that one day famous artists, both English and Spanish-speaking will cut them and can sing together in collaborations, establishing a good precedent that hate and discrimination are out of style. Other genres do it, and Country shouldn´t be the exception! )

Dear Dolly, I would love to work with you. There are so many opportunities on the Hispanic side of our country (TV, Film, Music, Media, etc, etc, etc…) and I want to be part of your team as you and your ventures expand. I hope this letter finds you well and full of joy.



AlvaroMarta and Priscilla

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