LIGHT THE TREE (A parade & tree lighting event song!)

//Light the tree, Three two one!

The Christmas season has begun

Light the tree, This whole town

Is ready for a lotta’ Holiday fun//


Posts decked up with garlands & bows

Festive windows everything glows

The smell of apple cider fills the air

I’m bundled up and ready in my folding chair


The sirens went off, the parade is starting

Winter wonder small town it’s all so charming

Little hands waving at Santa’s float

Hoping for the presents in the letters they wrote


Light the tree, Three two one

The Christmas season has begun!

Light the tree, This hole town

Is ready for a lotta’ Holiday fun


There goes the band and the County Queen

Kindergarten elves shaking their tambourines

Wish I could save this moment in a Snow Globe

To take my town with me wherever I go

Nashville Symphony's Special Guest

Nashville Symphony

Last year I had the honor of being their Special Guest!

Columbia Daily Herald


They wrote about it! Look +1(615)705-0614

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