Hola Charise, my name is Marta Albarracin and I’m a bilingual songwriter from Guatemala in Nashville.

You can’t imagine how thankful I am to think you may be reading this. I want to send you a big hug in congratulations for your work and all the accomplishments you achieve, but mostly because you’re setting a beautiful statement that represents me as both, a woman and a Latina in the arts (my daughter wants to be a musical theatre actress and of course is thrilled that a girl with Latin roots just like her wrote the upcoming Disney movie that she’ll most likely be putting together with her theatre group here! ?) I’d like to share a song I wrote with you, I think –least it constantly happens to me– that we sometimes feel so tiny before our goals but when there are others we identify with already shining, we are encouraged to keep our light on . Hope you like it!

I will record the English version soon.

Thank you again for your time and I hope one day i can get to be on your team 🙂


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